Prof. Dr. GYÖRGY Hazai

Turkologist, Orientalist, University professor, Ordinary member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

György Hazai brought scholarly discourse to its foremost level, innovating with new problems and solutions. More than anything he took on problems himself to reduce their difficulties. In these efforts he was always intensely interested in the exchange of ideas and cooperation within a broadly defined and international network of colleagues. 
 As an especially valued teacher he set high standards of probity and scholarly excellence.

Countless are those whom he helped with professional advice and active support. So many were given free access to his knowledge and his collections and contacts. Unflagging hospitality and generosity of spirit, a sharp sense for the better things in life, and a fine sense of humour were the character traits which made him one of the greats of his time.  He was truly a citizen of the world. His close personal attachment to Turkey, its people, and its culture shaped both his life’s work and his life itself.

Professor Hazai - "Hazai bey"

Curriculum vitae
Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. György Hazai

Place and Date of Birth: Budapest, 30 April 1932

Academic Studies

1950-1954     Bachelor of Science, University of Budapest
1958               Doctor of Philosophy, University of Budapest
1966               Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Research and Teaching Experience

1956-1957      Visiting Lecturer, University of Sofia
1958-1962      Research Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1963-1982      Visiting Associate to Full Professor, Humboldt University (Berlin)
1963-1974       Head of the Turfan Research Group, German Academy of Sciences
1984-1990      Research Professor and Publishing Director of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1992-1999      Professor and Head of the Department of Turkish Studies, University of Cyprus
2000-              Research Professor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2000-2003     Founding Rector of the Andrássy University (Budapest)


◦    Author of books, studies, and reviews in various, mainly turkological subjects
▪    Editor, co-editormember in the advisory board or of the following journals and series:
▪    Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungariae (Budapest)
▪    Archivum Ottomanicum (Wiesbaden)
▪    Bibliotheca Orientalis Hungarica (Budapest)
▪    Cahiers d’Etudes sur la Mediterranée Orientale et le Monde Turco-Iranien (Paris)
▪    Journal of Turkish Studies, Türklük Bilgisi Araştirmalari (Cambridge, USA)
▪    Orientalistische Literaturzeitung (Berlin)
▪    Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Turkvölker (Freiburg i. Br.)
▪    Turkologischer Anzeiger/Turkology Annual (Vienna)
▪    Türk Dilleri Araştirmalari (Ankara)
▪    Zeitschrift für Balkanologie (Berlin-Wiesbaden)

Functions in International Bodies

1969                President of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference
1973-2000      Vice-President of the International Committee of Ottoman and Pre-Ottoman
1973-1991       Secretary of the International Union of Oriental and Asian Studies
1991-               Secretary General of the International Union of Oriental and Asian Studies
1992-1996      President of the Subject Group of Oriental Studies, Academia European
1997                 President of the 35th International Congress of Asian and North-African Studies
1998-2000     Member of the International Organizing Committee of the 36th ICANAS
2000-2004     Member of the International Organizing Committee of the 37th ICANAS
2006                President of the Vambery Scientific College (Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia)

Honours and Awards

1957                Corresponding member of the Turkish Linguistic Society (Türk Dil Kurumu, Ankara)
1978                Corresponding member of the Societé Finno-Ougrienne (Helsinki)
1979                Corresponding member of the Turkish Historical Society (Türk Tarih Kurumu, Ankara)
1982                Honorary member of the Turkish Linguistic Society (Türk Dil Kurumu, Ankara)
1982                Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1988                Honorary professor of the University of Budapest
1990                Member of the Academia European (London)
1991                 Doctor honoris causa of the University of Ankara
1995                Ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1997                Honorary President of the Korosi Csoma Sandor Association
1999                Professor emeritus of the University of Cyprus
2001                Corresponding member of the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft (München)
2001                Honorary member of the American Oriental Society
2001                Honorary Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences
2002                Andrássy Prize
2003                Honorary President of the House of Nations
2004                Awarded by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany (“das Große Verdienstkreuz des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”)
2005                Awarded by the President of the Republic of Hungary the „Koztarsasagi Erdemrend Kozepkeresztje“
2005                Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Eastern Research Institute
2005                Awareded by the President of the Hungarian Republic (A Magyar Koztarsasag Erdemrend Kozepkeresztje)
2006                Member of the Vámbéry Association / Vámbéry Scientific College
2007                Honorary Member of the Societas Uralo-Altaica (Gottingen)
2007                Vambery Price
2007                Certificate of acknowledgment for services rendered to the Republic of Turkey awarded by the Ministery of Foreign Affaires of Turkey
2007                Elected President of the International Union of Oriental and Asian Studies
2010                Honoray Member of the Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaft
2011                Awarded Py the President of the Republic of France: Commendeur de l“orde de Merite
2013                Doctor honoris causa of the University of Istanbul
2014                Decoration of the Order of the Republic of Turkey and the Order of Merit