Hazai Kütüphane


The Hazai György Library was established with the aim of preserving the personal collection of the internationally acknowledged turkologist György Hazai and making it available to the general public. This unique collection offers unparalleled research opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Hazai György Kütüphanesi, uluslararası üne sahip olan Türkolog György Hazai’nin özel koleksiyonunu koruyup halkın kullanımına sunmak için oluşturuldu. Bu nadir koleksiyon hem profesyoneller hem de amatörler için emsalsiz araştırma imkanları sağlamaktadır.

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 Die Bibliothek György Hazai ist mit dem Ziel, die Privatsammlung von dem auch international anerkannten Turkologen György Hazai zu bewahren und der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen, gegründet worden. Die einzigartige Sammlung der Bibliothek bietet nicht nur Sachkundigen, sondern auch anderen Interessanten einmalige Forschungsmöglichkeiten an.

Öffnungszeiten nach Terminvereinbarung. Kontakt: library@hazaigyorgy.com




7. December 2018


At the Hazai Library in Budapest the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its first parliamentary session on December 7, 1918 were commemorated.

On December 7, 2018 at the Hazai Library in Budapest H. E. Ambassador Vilayet Guliyev of Azerbaijan presented his book written on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918. The book details the work, the political mission and the numerous difficulties the delegation of Azerbaijan was confronted with at the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1923). Their mission achieved the recognition of the state of Azerbaijan by the great powers and the proclamation of the Republic on May 28, 1918. In his welcoming speech Ambassador János Hóvári referred to this era as the beginning of Azerbaijani diplomacy.

On December 7 of the same year the independent parliament held its first session. Ambassador Guliyev recounted the several hundred laws that were debated and adopted, including the one on equality for women and their right to vote.

The short-lived independence (19 months) of Azerbaijan ended after the occupation of the country by the Bolshevik army (April 1920). The Azeri people had to wait until 1991 to regain their freedom and the opportunity to live in a democratic state. 

H. E. Ambassador Ahmet Akif Oktay of the Republic of Turkey spoke about the importance of 1918 in the history of Azerbaijan. He emphasized the excellent cooperation between the two countries by citing President Heydar Aliyev’s phrase: „One nation, two countries”. ”

„The fact that it was the Hazai Library that hosted the presentation of this exciting volume has a particular relevance: it symbolises what an outstanding figure Academician, Turkologist Prof. György Hazai in the Turkic world was” – said Ambassador Guliyev.


21. September 2017 

H.E. Şakir Fakılı, Ambassador of Turkey donated his painting „The lonely Minaret” to the Hazai Kütüphane as an expression of his  friendship to the late Professor Hazai. 
Şakir Fakılı is not only a formidable diplomat, but an excellent artist. The exhibition of his works was the surprise of the summer in the MANK Art Colony in Szentendre.

 The September 21. event was honoured with the presence of many high ranking diplomats, the mayor of Eger, Mr. Laszlo Habis, friends and family of Hungarian Turkology. Mr. János Hóvári, former Ambassador to Ankara spoke in gratitude on behalf of the György Hazai Foundation for Oriental Studies.




25. May 2017 


The Budapest Hazai Conference members are visiting the Library  


27. April 2017 


Mounting up Sajora Chasanchanova’s caftan


27th April 2017 


Mounting up Sajora Chasanchanova’s caftan


18th March 2017

The training of the students for the use of the library software

8th March 2017

The first meeting with the Hunteka software developing company, who developed the library software

18th February 2017

Finishing Day, the Hazai grand children are placing the last books on the shelves

11th February 2017

Careful work…

28th January 2017


On this day we were visited by three Ambassadors:


Alattin Temür, first Counsellor of the Embassy of  the Republic of Turkey in Hungary


His Excellency Vilajet Guliyev, Ambassador of Azerbaijan


Her Excellency Selda CimenAmbassador of the North Cyprus Turkish Representative Office in Budapest  



Havva Pinar Kücükcavus, the Coordinator of TIKA for Hungary (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency of the Republic of Turkey)

14th January 2017

1st of december 2016

Pictures from a starting meeting